Sarah Palin ‘cautiously’ meets the press

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Sarah Palin knows how to reach her conservative supporters — whether directly through social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook or by appearing on Fox News and popular talk-radio shows. She doesn't need to make the Sunday-show rounds or take calls from the Washington Post in order to make headlines, since the media's also reading those tweets and listening to whatever she says to Sean Hannity.

And yet Palin's been speaking more than usual lately to reporters from what she's called the "lamestream media," including recent interviews with the New York Times, Time magazine, and ABC News. Politico's Ken Vogel writes that Palin is now "cautiously cooperating" with such mainstream news organizations, a move that's fueled speculation the former Alaska governor is looking to reach beyond her base in preparation for launching a presidential run."This is just about getting the press to characterize the governor accurately," Palin aide Tim Crawford told Politico. "And, if that can be accomplished through Gov. Palin and some of the people around her talking to the press, we'll try that."

Last month, Palin gave an hour-long interview to the New York Times Magazine and permitted some of her advisers to also participate in the Sunday cover story. She'll appear Friday on ABC's "Good Morning America'' — a rare, non-Fox television hit — and recently spoke over email to Time magazine. (Vogel, in a follow-up post, notes that Palin often opts for email interviews).

So what's the reason for Palin's new-found eagerness to speak with the mainstream press?

In a meta-media moment, Crawford told Politico that it was actually a harsh Politico story — filled with anonymous shots at Palin — that "may have helped trigger" the increased outreach to reporters. Crawford added later that "everyone has just come to the conclusion that being silent while other people talk about you and try to define you hasn't netted the results that we'd necessarily like."

Still, Palin's relationship with the media isn't too cozy. Palin swung back at the Associated Press on Twitter this week over a misleading photo caption and wasn't pleased earlier this month when a CNN reporter tried asking questions at a book signing.

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