Crystal Tears Video from a Girls

A girl in Lebanon appalling ni citizens of the country. Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani this 12-year-old Lebanese stir because he was able to remove the tear-shaped crystal grains. This bizarre incident began she had experienced since last March. Every day on average he is able to produce 7 crystals from her eyes. Despite the sharp grain Hasnah pleaded not feel any pain. His father brought Hasnah to specialists in the United States and Europe to find out the cause. Eye surgeon Dr. The fate of El Lakkis said he will bring the details of this bizarre case to a conference in Spain to be held shortly. Many people do not believe this incident. But the strange phenomenon is evident after an Arab TV station featuring a live performance Hasnah. In that event, the Close-up Hasnah visible through the retina of his eyes out of crystal.

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