Paris Hilton Is Expecting Cocaine Gum

It seems that Paris Hilton tried to avoid charges of carrying drugs by using various pretexts. This socialite admitted that the bag - which is found cocaine in it - not hers. Hilton also told the police that she thought the cocaine was found in chewing gum.

Hilton was arrested when police cars drove with his girlfriend, police stopped Cy Waits in Las Vegas. Police find cocaine at the Hilton opened her purse. Officers arrested Hilton allow these stars to the toilet at a nearby hotel after a crowd of people saw them. Hilton said he wanted to wear lip balm and when you open the bag the police found a package of cocaine.

Hilton refused to recognize cocaine weighing 0.8 grams was hers. According to the officer who apprehended this socialite says, 'I thought it was chewing gum. "

If the Hilton later convicted in the indictment carry drugs, then he will face four-year prison sentence

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