Express Your Feelings Through On Valentine's Day Digital Photo Greeting Card

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Having a special person who would make your heart happy. After all the fun you can fully express on Valentine's Day with give into a gift of love that day.

Many ways can be done to share your love with someone special in your heart. Able through chocolate, flowers, gifts and cards for example. Of course that occurred to you these things have become commonplace. Because all the people already knew and was not too special anymore.

Want something special on your Valentine's Day? So pour out your feelings in the form of greeting cards. Hey, maybe it's not like a greeting card that you see normally. This is something a little different from that covered by today's technology.

To celebrate the day of love's presence, launching Pandigital Digital Photo Greeting Card (PNCRD1016). Digital greeting card does give you a special enlightenment and a new way for those who want to share affection special day in unique ways.

Card-sized digital 1:44 inches and equipped with LCD screen size of 142 × 142 where you can put digital pictures in it as much as 50 images in JPEG, BMP and GIF. You can also display the slide show from a collection of photos. To move images from your computer to the digital card, you can simply to connect using mini USB port that already exists in this unique device.

Digital Photo Greeting Card has also been equipped with a special envelope. Which if you are interested to have it, then you would have to pay about 9.99 USD or about 100 thousand rupiah.
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