Armani "Garuda Pancasila" Expensive for sale at Amazon.com Site

Although no longer displayed on the site Armani Exchange (A | X), T-shirt "Garuda Pancasila" can still be found in other online sales sites. For example in the Amazon.com online store.

However, the selling price at Amazon.com is much more expensive than the official site of Armani. We offer the shirt as one of the collection in January 2010 for men, Armani discount only to fix prices for 29 U.S. dollars. At Amazon.com, the same T-shirt sold at the original price, 42 U.S. dollars.

When visited, Tuesday (26/1/2010) afternoon, the stock T-shirts labeled A | X Stunned Eagle T-Shirt is still available for all sizes from XS to XXL with three color options available, namely black, white, and purple.

This T-shirt into a warm conversation in the world of internet Indonesia, either through online forums, blogs, Twitter, or Facebook. There were some who considered that it did not have to question, even proud of the state emblem was the inspiration Armani Indonesia. However, not a few who consider it as a form of harassment.

So far, the Government of Indonesia has not officially make a statement on the action Armani. However, human rights Menhuk and Patrialis Akbar promised to soon learn that T-shirt before taking a stance.

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