How to Solve When we Meet Galat Error When we Upload Template to Blogspot

Sometime we meet mistake when we change template with newly. There are some template success but sometime there are some template that happened mistake when we upload. I less soybean cake of what is that happened damage at new template of it or happened technical mistake out of it. Oftentimes we meet message of Bx-Error
But is not wrong if us try, try and try, whilst there is still the way or its trick and tips is can we try. So, I want to give tips to overcome BX-ERROR :
First Step which you have to to clean cache of your browser. Because possible browser which you use still mentioned change cache saved. If you consumer of firefox, of Menu > Tools > Clear Private Data > Check list Cache, Cookies and of Offline Website Data > then click Clear Private Data of Now.
Last please make a change at template to be used by before upload

1. Open file of XML (. template xml) you which have download use editor text, like Notepad, Wordpad, etc

2. Then look for all pregnant code " id b:widget=" ( without sign pluck two above) in file, for example :
id='Header1 b:widget o'
id='Blog1 b:widget o'
id='Label1 b:widget o'
id='HTML1 b:widget o'

3. Alter all number become larger ones number from previously, or other number at will liver :) For example, ' Header1' to ' Header2', ' HTML1' to ' HTML2', ' Label1' to ' Label2' and so on. Or more precisely, alter the the numbers become numbers which there is no [at] previous template. ( Let do not conflict
4. If have been altered by all, keeping the file
5. Please try upload return the the template into Your blog
6. Fnished.

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