Sony DSC-T77

Sony T Series card machine has always been the consumer digital camera market the hot models. Well-known fashion, light has become the main characteristics of this series, this camera uses tens of millions of pixel sensors, combined with colorful shell and compact slider design, we will help to give countless consumers exciting. Sony T77 used a 3.0-inch wide LCD touch screen, and its 15mm thickness of the airframe to become current Sony digital cameras sold in the thinnest airframe products.
Sony T77 thinnest metal airframe is only 13.9mm, it has 10.1 million effective pixels "Super HAD" CCD and high-speed Bionz image processor, with 4 Carl Zeiss optical zoom • the "Vario-Tessar" lens, using 10 group of 12 structures, maximum aperture of F3.5-F4.6, Sensitivity range to reach the ISO80-ISO3200. This camera's startup time is about 1.6 seconds, shutter delay of about 0.3 seconds, the minimum shooting intervals of about 0.62 seconds.
Sony T77 is not only thin and light form factor, in terms of performance on very well. It has a unique face recognition, smiling faces of the shutter function, can adjust the degree of smiling faces, adult priority, priority is also very good for children inherited, iSCN intelligent scene mode can also be more shooting simplified steps. Fashion in order to meet all kinds of different needs of the crowd, Sony T77 also have silver, black, green, pink and brown in five colors.
T77 has a smiling face shutter feature allows more convenient Self-Timer, a brighter smile, through the back of the 3.0-inch LCD touch screen can be touch-click-focus objects, so that objects focusing more easy and convenient. T77 comes with scene modes including: Night Scene, Night Portrait, soft snapshot, landscape, beach, snow, fireworks, high sensitivity, high-speed shutter, water and food, and friends will be in line with this model make themselves satisfied with the results.
T77 add the day-to-day the most frequently used three scenes: portrait mode, landscape mode and macro mode, the shooting scene to deal with no additional settings can be automatically identified and easily imaging. Newly added "gourmet" mode allows you to enjoy the gluttonous feast at the same time, clear the preservation of taste at all times.
Sony T77 Sony product line, as is currently the thinnest of a camera, whether it is design or performance of the camera itself were satisfactory. 3.0 inches large touch screen to allow operation of a more simplistic, fixed-focus feature allows U.S. shooting more convenient. Metal wire drawing process by the airframe gorgeous delicate machine look compact, rounded shape, quite popular.

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