How to Create a Facebook Account To Social Media Marketing?

Another link to your personal Facebook profilePut URL on your Facebook fan page under the area of ​​'world's largest' part of your personal Facebook Contact Information profile.Add your Facebook page URL in your email signatureThink about How many emails do you send per day. Now imagine every e-mail you with an opportunity to learn about someone new to your Facebook fan page ... 

Paste your Facebook URL in your email signature with a 'Like Us' call to action, and the reasons why people should visit and 'like' your page, such as "Like us on Facebook for exclusive voucher codes and discounts! "Blog about your Facebook page and give the reason why people have 'liked' you If you have a company blog, why not make a special post to promote your Facebook presence? You have to provide something interesting for you readers out your fan page and your blog post for example, exclusive offers, news feeds them, sneak peeks at upcoming products. Do not ask them to want, just give the reason why they will benefit and watch as the numbers trickle box 'like' Facebook upwards.Add box on your website or Facebook As blogGet code for the box (Google 'Facebook Like Box' or visit https:// / docs / reference / plugins / like-box / to find the Facebook Developer page) and embed on your blog or website sidebar. When you set up box, make sure you check the 'Show Face' and 'Show Streaming'. This will ensure that the box shows anyone who sees the profile pictures of all their friends like your page, and scrolling, clickable preview your most updates.

Although Status Facebook "Like" the latest box placed in sidebars web site, I have read some success in entering the bottom of the blog post instead. In this position, the widget works as a call to action such as "Do you enjoy reading my blog posts? Yes? Then click "Like" on Facebook to keep in touch ... "Why not experiment with your" I "position box to see if you notice a difference? Promote your Facebook page on your office, car and business cardsAnywhere you can display your site's Facebook fan page for your free ad. Imagine how many people will see the bumper sticker on your location, or a sign in the window of the office or the shop asking for visitors 'i' your page. In addition, combining offline and online to let the people you meet in real life on your fan page to get the URL that is printed on your business URL cards.Add your Facebook Page pageLots your Twitter tweeters are still using the web-based version of Twitter, and background Your profile is part of a high-quality real estate website is just begging for you to take advantage of. Cross-advertise and use Twitter to promote your Facebook page, either as a background image of your Twitter bio and your Twitter profile if you have the space.

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