Top 10 Steps to Build Your Professional Practice Now

Check everything in your office from the view of a new client! If necessary, spruce it up. Does it need a new plant, better music or aquarium? Make it as warm, comfortable and inviting as possible.2. Replace your old magazines with articles and handouts waiting for your clients to use and carry with them. Make it easy for the client to say good things about you! 3. Contact 3 former clients to see how they doing.4. Contact 3 last referral sources and thank them! Sent flowers, cards, take them to lunch. Even phone calls could wonders.5 express your appreciation. Consider re-doing your business card. 

Is this "talk" with clients and referral sources? 6. Bought in at-a-glance wall calendar and start planning marketing and business strategy for the next year.7. Make sure that each client will leave each session with a firm handshake, a warm smile and a sincere "Thank you!" 8. Spend 10 minutes each day thinking about your ideal client / patient and explain what you do that adds value to them. How can you help them? Is there more you can do? What else do they need / want from you as a professional? 9. Re-define and clarify your statement about what you are doing. Then practice saying it! This week tell 5 friends, neighbors, or strangers who want more clients.10. Take care of yourself beautiful. A healthy balanced life is quite interesting. Make sure your clients can see you as an example of what you mean by health? Approach each session with energy and concentration.

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