Effects of food intolerance with severe Candida Diet

I think his friends (strict candida diet) had his first reaction to bad food today. He became very tight with a 7 year old son and he is doing great. He just started caprylic acid and garlic, along with his others. He believes that he has some intense cleaning days.Anyways ago, my friend and I, and our kids all go now to Chucky Cheese type place. We all stop and eat before hand at McDonalds. 

He turned the separate lunch she brought him in. actually felt sorry for him that all people should be eating but him, so he gave him 2 Hot Wheels cars, and Oreo cookies. Within a month of doing this, only the second thing sweet. He at 11:00, and around 3-4 he became very whiny, and cry for no reason, and have a great swings.He then start complaining abdominal pain and ran to the bathroom. He had a full-term, and even went in my pants. She kept saying her stomach really hurt. When he finished he noticed red splotches on his face. He was confused and wondered if it was a reaction he could expect Candida and candy. He said it may of cookies, and then the next moment he had to make a choice: cake or disease. And she says she does not have a cookie again. But, still, he knew what the reason is.

From what I've seen, the reaction sounds like one of food intolerance. When the body cleanse and begin to heal, can react quite strongly to the food that the body can not tolerate re-introduced. Do not be afraid, it's a great way to find out one by one in which the food is the cause offense. If you keep a diary of all of this, even admire you step further.I give him the option to choose Oreo or abdominal pain next time. He became a man one day, maybe with some food allergies, or not, but he will need to make their own decisions. You can "strangle Mother" your child or you can empower him to make his own choice in live bait from a young age. Looks like you have control over this.

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