CNA salary truth and constructive steps

CNA is a direct patient care workers, and they are required to offer a day-to-day routine care for people with chronic conditions and critically, population aging, and patients recovering from a long illness and damage to their homes. They also perform a number of basic, as well as fun and difficult job duties include collecting urine and feces for laboratory testing, remaining on their feet for hours, tinatanggalan pane empty bed and a pot of urine, ADL and provide basic care, night work, overtime, weekend and the addition holidays.In, nursing aide also face harassment and sexual advances of a senior patient and medical personnel, and forced to perform tasks such as re-injury prone patients, transferring patients from wheelchair or stretcher to bed, or vice versa , and the task can also result in physical injury. The number of patients assigned to them are also much higher than the mandated nurse to patient ratio. 
Results of their work responsibilities cruel ending physical and mental fatigue and trauma unbearable for CNA CNAs.Are paid enough for their heavy, stressful and physically demanding duties and responsibilities? Meager annual salary around $ 17,500 $ 35,500, and each time wages $ 9 to $ 15 paid to nursing aides for their real workload is not even enough to keep their core family expenses respectful and comfortable. They find it difficult to survive on the meager wages. Although, if the average CNA salary in comparison to all the other jobs nationwide, nursing aide receives income 62% lower than others posted jobs.
These is also the main reason why CNA is disappointed in their work and leaving them in droves to find employments elsewhere. The exodus results clearly felt by hospitals, nursing homes and other health care settings, in the form of nursing shortages. Nursing care offered by a nursing assistant also seriously affected, and patients who received low-quality values ​​for the mental and physical condition of critical nursing aides.In to address this situation and maintain the equipment nursing staff, some immediate remedial steps can be taken advantage maid nursing and they include: Federal drug laws should protect direct care workers and home health aides with guaranteed life, or basic wages and overtime wages.

Nursing aide must pay travel costs when they visit patients.

The work environment must be improved.

Give CNA and home health aide financial assitances because most of the workers who serve in a variety of women's health care settings, and they work to support their families.

Increase the salary and wage rates for Medicare and Medicaid nursing aides replaced at a respectable level.

Improve training methods for evaluating quality.

Provide them with retirement plans, health and life insurance.

Law should mandate nurse-to-patient ratio.These action not only relieve complaints of direct patient care workers, but also help improve the quality of care and keep it in the toolbox. Most importantly, the corrective measures to provide them with security and assist them in meeting their family's basic expenses without any difficulty.

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