High Risk Fraud Bookkeepers

Subscribe to Google Alerts for relevant terms can be useful and really make out what's happening out there in your industry. I subscribe to several including terms like Bookkeeping and accounting requirements. I found though, that it usually does not give me more than a run down on where bookkeeper company embezzeled where and for how much this week. 

I have watched this notice in the past few years with a little shake of the head as I was wondering why bookkeeper placed in a position such as believe, being the only person responsible for making the payments, payment of wages and transfer of funds, as well as being one to send them to accounting software and develop reports.In end of 2006 I was captured to investigate the book as "managed" by a CPA accountant and sales manager. It does not stop him from keeping the bills paid to the company, while quite a sum of money embezzled from above. The owner told me to wonder why they do business looks favorable, with a reasonable margin from sales, but do not have the cash flow and the books will always show only a revenue limit. 

Regular meetings are held to discuss this matter in the past, where the book will show a report of management and owner, CPA and sales managers believe them and vow to do better next period.When fraud was uncovered, it was not just a case number and compilation chase him for payment (where we succeeded in recouping 80% without getting the police involved), but also to repeat all the books again as far as records will allow, change the BAS, tax returns and a summary of payments due to the nature of how she caught him in the company of account fraud. 

I advise clients on the end of it. Never give control of the bank account. There are ways that accountants can enter payments and preparing bank filing or write a check, but final authorization must always come from the owner or director, someone with a vested interest in maintaining the company's funds company. I say this because it was not long before we found cheating by both the CPA and the sales manager at the company, showed that both want to draw attention to something to do with finance, in case they might well have found out .

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