Build IT and they Will Come - Digital divide Education

If you have not heard or read about Outsourcing trends, debate, discussion, spirit, whatever part you need - especially bridge digital gold-pressed Latinum being built in India, China and elsewhere outside our back -house, then you need to Google or Yahoo for the pleasure of your heart and move out of the silence of the cave you miss lately. What we focus on here is a simple case of - 'Build IT and they will come ... " India close the digital divide in a unique way that is being fought in our neck of the woods - the digital divide education. By educating people on what big companies like IBM, Intel, SAP, Oracle, JP Morgan and a whole host of others, all international companies in technology-based services and / or products requiring employees to keep tech-savvy global and thus attract investment in technology centers and other knowledge repository for communities around the world. 

He began to change the way companies do business on the global level where thousands of jobs are going overseas - Outsourcing to India because called.Teach your children and they will come ... Build IT and they will come, sounds familiar. The reason for the digital divide education in our own backyard should be clear by the end of this article. Stop looking for handouts or complain about a problem, when the solution was within our knowledge for decades - and is applied worldwide. In Ireland, China, Japan, Taiwan, India and other countries that they brought billions and economic changes over the years - while it looks as if we in the U.S. fell asleep wheel.

Other companies United States has complained about competing with companies that outsource to other countries to take advantage of lower wages or lower taxes. Employees complain about losing jobs to other countries for the same point of view again reasons.My is for companies and employees alike invest time and money in their own backyard and come back worldwide Companies spend billions abroad back to USDon't have the resources to develop the technology center for training, and then use the neighborhood church, community center, library, public or private school, day-care centers or the house of a leader of the community was very generous with both. Take the time to train employees for certification in what is sought abroad and at home in the U.S., educating the children in the community in mathematics, science, technology and other programs are needed. Invest time in staying in public or private schools for the benefit of children work to fill the digital gap that broke America.I sure the question of the time people involved in training or get a child By school or interested in this field may seem like a larger overcome the digital divide. 

Is anyone considering what it cost in time and money because we kept having to layoff employees and integrate the project to load smaller workforce? If our company has laid off employees in the past - how much time is left before the crash there Acham razor to another department? Does your company spend time and / or money in any work-study program? Any time spent with local colleges and universities? Local or private schools? All of these options are used in Outsourcing to India, and other countries. Outsourcing to India created a golden bridge the digital-pressing latnum for not only this country but few others. And where do you think they learned all of these options, if the program is correct for variations in the original or added? In America.

The country where all the billions going towards closing the digital divide in their part of the world through the digital learning divide I may add - sent here the people of the U.S. to get their degree, certification and technological knowledge. They also returned to their country and teach their communities where they settle, grow and shopped.The both can do it at home in the United States, the work of education and the digital divide we have evidence - even it is not in our own backyard ... educational divide yet.Digital - Build IT and they will come ... house.

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