Sam Bowie revealed that he had lied about Portland feeling ill before the 1984 NBA Draft known foot

Sam Bowie sad story told and re-told many times in the 28 years since the Portland Trail Blazers selected him second in the NBA Draft 1984, but for the first time in longer than we have been given a new history of wrinkles. Bowie, who are still struggling legs and foot problems throughout the Star-Crossed (but not star-making) of his career, playing in only 511 of 820 possible games in 10 years of flying. He never made the All-Star team, and was never given the opportunity to continue with potential long frame, soft touch, smart and strong instinct created by it.

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Now, some 17 years after the last game of the NBA, Bowie revealed in a documentary that ESPN NBA career began when the quiet center of how much pain he was in during the days leading to the election of former Portland in central Kentucky. A selection is known, is a point before the Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan took with the third overall pick.

From the documentary "Go Big", which airs Dec. 20 on ESPNU:

"I remember we took a small hammer, and when I hit my left shin, and" I do not feel anything, "I say. But at heart, it hurts. What about lying and what I did was wrong, at the end of the day, when you have loved ones who have multiple needs, which we did. '

ESPN graciously allowed us a preview in the document, and we have no time to work through all this, some of the significant reasons some pop-up.

On one hand, when Bowie High School in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, as a player can max is healthy, but seeing the great man was clear, even after he was uncomfortable at times when it comes to aches and pains, or is required to be taught and trained to operate the game in a way that does not put undue stress on the feet and legs. Watch the video of Bowie thereafter to see all the best features of Sam - all dunks and alley-oop pass soft - but it was not uncomfortable at times to watch him work around the court.

There is a broken tibia in college who was diagnosed several months. Then there is the recognition that he hid the pain from Portland doctor before the draft. And then, on the eve of the draft, the Houston area was chosen as the first overall Hakeem Olajuwon and Jordan at the team's training camp U.S. in preparation for the 1984 Olympics, the Blazers did what is considered to be the obvious choice. All-Star swingman Jim Paxson was on the list, and promising young shooting guard Clyde Drexler is set to take a few minutes to shooting guard, chose Bowie.

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And Bowie, speaking in 2012, since, even while sitting among his draft class that night, he knew something was wrong. That "the bottom of my heart physically is not what these people."

Rookie season was wonderful. Not to the tune of 28.2 points per game and Rookie of the Year in Jordan, but as part of a more commanding view Drexler Portland collective, Paxson, Mychal Thompson VandeWeghe Kiki and shares the ball and won 42 games despite a list young. Additionally, Portland ranks seventh on offense and eight defensive efficiency possible, and probably should have won the game. Expected Team Record / Loss Won many details as 49-33.

Bowie brought to court after breaking his leg in 1987 (Getty Images) But Bowie is too bad, but he says in the documentary that he "never said Portland Trail Blazer staff never bothered me." , No claim that Bowie is a better player than Jordan - but especially for, achieving a level of All-Star guard of the NBA is always the way to go. And, in the cruelest of ironies, remember that Jordan went to what is almost the season and career ending broken leg one week only in his second season. Last week Bowie set of problems.

When things are fixed, they went to a scary number. A broken left leg in the second season, the NBA injury is rare, and a broken right leg in the third season - the second coming on a play that is pretty harmless. Bowie was revealed in a documentary that he suffered a fractured tibia in the right hairline during the fourth season just walk sa shootaround before the game for the preseason games. The years between the spring of 1985 and February 1989 had been lost, and the NBA league different when Bowie returned.

Very triumphant after trade from New Jersey, Bowie worked as a practice center of the Nets 1989-1993, equipped with common practice, but also to play the kind of doubt that only three broken legs can be made at dealing with the errors of rotation that most players will work through early and mid 20's. Bowie is not really the early to mid 20's, however. At the time of treaty included the Lakers in 1993, Jordan won three championships and stopped. When Sam stopped two years later, Jordan returned and went to third.

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Something new and upcoming documentary should change history, if only for a while. Former "Bowie Jordan?" History was beaten around for long. Before Jordan, Guard simply do not win the title - even Jerry West and Oscar Robertson All-NBA center is required to join their side before they can win the title, and the composition of the NBA in recent decades due to traditionally objection. Portland Jim Paxson was 26 years and two-time All-Star, averaging over 21 points per game over two seasons before the arrival of Bowie. Everyone knows, even after the season has seen him average 7.7 points per game as a rookie, the Clyde Drexler was changed to "Clyde Drexler."

Nobody knows who Michael Jordan is the "Michael Jordan". Discussion to be saved.

What must meet transparency. With the emergence of rookie scale contract, players should have no trouble decay damage only a corner point in the draft. Or have it as a professional, with a full team of doctors are there to help. This is an injury to the tragic potential time bomb or illness head first argues that ultimately lead to career ending series of stress fractures, they should all be able to address.

Then we saw the Golden State Warriors for being intentionally deceive their fans Andrew Bogut injury, or time in Chicago or Washington curious, and even the Lakers as rats ACT team and the positive feeling after knowing injury , the news you need to get out. Real News. No news team thinks commoners to fill their cabins need to hear.

This can prevent the disease, and can prevent race was spoiled. All you have to do is answer honestly the weight of the hammer.

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