Pitt symptoms a kicker with the unlucky last name of ‘Blewitt’

There have been some excellent brands for nfl and higher education sports kickers — Britt Without shoes, He Succop — and some terrible brands — Kyle Brotzman — but Pittsburgh's latest sponsor has to have the undesirable name in the nfl and higher education sports throwing empire.

Chris Blewitt is a make for the 2013 category and through no mistake of his own becomes an simple focus on for opposite groups and perhaps his own lovers if he overlooks a essential conquer.

However, Blewitt, who is from Western Potomac Great in Alexandria, Va., must be very excellent because he was provided a scholarships and that's unusual for kickers.

Blewitt's tale is actually type of exciting. He never performed sports until institution and only registered the group because his buddies were on it. He tried out for kicker because he was a sports gamer. He gained his scholarships to Pitt after impressing instructors at a camping 2-3 several weeks ago.

"They said I could do whatever I want, begin my real beginner season and be their kicker," Blewitt informed the California Publish. "They really desired me, they provided me everything I would have desired. It didn't seem like anything else was related up to them."

Blewitt created 10 area objectives and 49 additional factors last period.

Shockingly, Blewitt isn't the first kicker to have this last name. Thanks to a several visitors (Brad and Thomas), I've discovered that Stanford had a kicker in 2000 and 2001 known as Anders Blewett. And Blewett obviously realized the problem of the name all too well.

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