Most Popular Baby Names: Jacob, Sophia Top Latest List

Jacob and Sophia are the most popular names for babies born in 2011, the Social Security Administration said Monday. The annual list is peppered with names from the Bible and pop culture, with a surprise at the impact of reality TV.

Jacob topped the list of names for a boy 13 years in a row, but some surprises in the Top 10: For the first time since 1948, Michael was not in the top five and Anthony (favorite Top 10 of 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2010) were dropped from the list. But Mason made Top 10 debut as the most popular name, the second son in 2011 - and yes, the name of the eldest Kourtney Kardashian. Time?

"It shows what we are concerned, what we think," said Laura Wattenberg, the author, Associated Press. "Now, you can walk through a supermarket that does not learn more than you want to know about the Kardashian family is just a fact ..."

"Easy Naming celebrity just about exposure, and about all the people heard the name at the same time," she added. "This is not about popularity, it is about names."

The names on the list of men likely to remain the same from year to year - Michael, David, John, James, William, Matthew, and Robert has become a favorite for generations - that is what makes the jump from number 12 in the Mason number 2 so extraordinary. List of girls were re-organized more often. In the last five years, four different names were held where girls Top - Emily is the number one name from 1996 until 2007, but since then Emma, ​​Isabella, Sophia and now have the most popular. (Although it may seem like you know Jennifer million, a name that is not in top five since 1988.)

While some names are consistently popular, others are likely to rocket them to the list. According to the Social Security Administration, the fastest riser on the list of women Briella - perhaps thanks to Briella Calafiore, blond hair stylist from "Jerseylicious" and "Goddess of Glam" fame. On the side of men, it was Brantley, although it is unknown whether this surge of country music star thanks to Brantley Gilbert or the University of Florida quarterback John Brantley.

The Social Security Administration compiles an annual list using data provided by parents when they apply for Social Security numbers of their newborn. Agency is tracking baby names every year since 1880 - that year, the most popular names are John and Mary, in 2012, none of those names even make the top 10. Here are the ones that do:

For men:

* Jacob

* Mason

* William

* Jayden

* Noah

* Michael

* Ethan

* Alexander

* Aiden

* Daniel

For girls:

* Sophia

* Isabella

* Emma

* Olivia

* Ava

* Emily

* Abigail

* Madison

* Mia

* Chloe

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