Ketchup's Unsavory Secret History

Soy. We love it. But we really know?

An estimated 97 percent of American households have a bottle in their fridge now. Most people like Heinz original recipe, which consists of tomatoes, vinegar, high fructose corn syrup, salt, spices, onion powder and some other "natural flavorings" are not required to list the company. Heinz recently introduced a limited edition of ketchup with balsamic vinegar in time for the burger you all like kind. But before Heinz sauce, tomato sauce, or even, may katchop. The Chinese herbs, where the burger toppings, no more than the shell of salt water.

Taste test: The best tomato sauce is not what you think

Mix of creatures in the sea, soaked for days in pickling vinegar and spices, is the basis for the slope of the French fries we know and love. When the British explorer catch the wind was in Singapore in 1700, they brought them back to their own kitchen in Western Europe. The result is the first ketchup recipe: mix vinegar, onion, spices, horseradish, and get them, anchovies.

Ketchup packets get makeover

Gizmodo dug Rachel Swaby English first recipe in the cookbook notes given in 1727 Compleat housewife, called for 12 to 14 anchovies and tomatoes zero.

"Way back then was more like the taste of fish sauce from us now ... and probably really dirty, "wrote Swaby. "But apparently people do not think, because the author of the cookbook to reprint the above recipe until the 19th century."

Soy sauce made from pickle juice dressing Another popular oyster. Not until the 1820s that tomatoes are involved in the mix, and slowly muscled the sea creatures. Thanks Heinz, who brought home a bottle of versions in the 1870s.

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