Silence Gun: Strange weapon of the future immediately quiets you, whether you like it or not

Since humans first discovered weapons that create new uses for them. Shoot some bullets, others shoot lasers. However, a strange new weapon developed by researchers in Japan and alter sound waves triggered in an attempt to harass and silence anyone who dares to speak out of turn.

Gun operates on the concept of delayed auditory feedback. A microphone connected to collect the sound produced by the target and 0.2 seconds later plays. A very confusing effect in the human brain, it is impossible to speak or hold a conversation. The device will not make a person is used in any physical damage - just messes with your head.

When the human brain to hear your own speech totally out of sync during normal speech, it is easy to process input and allows for the most part unaware of their own voice. However, the displacement response only slightly, the brain can hear from your mouth and speak a strange echo effect created by the gun. Unusual combination of confusing very effective off the side of your brain responsible for the management of the word, and immediately fell silent.

The first version of the weapon - if we can call it that - depends on a separate PC to process input and send back to the speaker. However, the second prototype (shown) eliminates the need for additional hardware and includes all processing necessary bits in the housing, easy to transport.

Developers said the weapon can be used for purposes seemingly harmless as the implementation of policies that require quiet library visitors. They will also see action during the big meeting when it is important that the public does not interfere with the speaker, someone who imagines that immediatley explosion silenced the noisy high-tech laptop.

Implications of freedom of expression language somewhat disconcerting gag: a demonstrator or speak at a political rally could easily be silenced simply because it has a vision that is not popular. Political rallies and other meetings of the resistance easily silenced by firing strange, law enforcement or other agencies that decide to acquire technology.

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