The BlackBerry, Trying to Avoid the Hall of Fallen Giants

Forget the Union - what the status of the BlackBerry?

Research in Motion, maker of BlackBerry smartphones and tablets, co-chief executives sent packing last week and replaced by Thorsten Heins, who is operating the side of the head. How did your employer?

"We make the best communication device in the world," said Heins, who met with editors and reporters of The New York Times on Friday.

Not everyone feels the same. During the past year, stock prices fell 75 percent advantage. The company had asked for more than half the U.S. market smartphone. Today is 10 percent.

RIM has two, maybe three, way to go.

The first - which Mr. Heins clearly the goal - a successful comeback after a near-death experience. Apple and its iMac. It is the side on the edge of the improved operating system guidelines - now with, among others, e-mail, an original feature that has no guidelines disconcerting - and the release of BlackBerry OS 10 this year.

There is no back door 2 is a gradual decline and contraction of rivals such as Apple, Google and Microsoft has the largest market share, to some extent, they already have. BlackBerry will scrap - a small but dedicated fans of the company's customers and the government wants exclusive messages and security features.

Then there is a third option: Oblivion. Progress is filled with the bodies way to beat the Titans. Things that once seemed very necessary as the company replaced it without mercy - as seen below. And the need to know: on mobile devices like the BlackBerry 957, which helps kill the time pager.

Sony WALKMAN (1979-2010) Before the Walkman, the "personal audio" refers to holding a transistor radio in his ear. Sony has created a whole category of devices and helps the technology leader in the 1980's. The new model (Thinner auto reverse!) Is expected, LP fell slightly in the attic and spent time listening to mix tapes a year-long flourished in the teen room. Sony seems to be able to put a foot wrong. Successfully moved brand CD discman, then buy the record labels and movie studios to get the real marriage of technology and content. When the digital revolution of the press, Sony is too tied to a proprietary format, as well as inertia in media companies. Enter Apple and iPod.

Pagination (born 1951) At first, pagers connected to the people who work in areas where life is on the line. That is usually a doctor, although the group in late 1980 to include drug traffickers. Pagers beginning to show a single number, "hello" when read backwards. Resulting in the lexicon with a code number such as 911 (call me right away) and 07 734, which resembles a pager briefly rose to fame in early 1990, the hip-hop, as shown in songs like "Skypager," by A Tribe Called Quest. Decreased force caused pagers disrupt and destroy other technologies: mobile phones. Call when you can talk? And the messages are very small pager makes a tweet as a locator to live in a limited circle "Iliad.": The network is more reliable than a cellular network is useful for EMS and other rescue workers.

Palm Pilot (1997-2007) Filofax personal organizer brought to its climax in the analogue 90, but Ramos has brought them into the digital age. Palm Pilot dazzling when he appeared for the first time all contacts, calendar and notes on a device, a thin pocket size. A touch screen, which requires a stylus, which makes navigation easy. And you can add software, acquired through the online store. Want Zagat guide to go along with your personal information? There is no problem. In later years, despite the addition of Palm telephony features, creating, shooting everything in one gadget. Although the drama that affects the boardroom of the company name and ownership, Palm's reputation as a source of innovative hardware and software to survive until January 9, 2007. Why that date? That's when Apple introduced the iPhone.

Polaroid instant camera (1948-2008) Edwin Land found developing instant film in 1948 to put a darkroom in a handheld camera. The success of Polaroid Corporation had a clear advantage over traditional film cameras. In 1980, Polaroid is selling 7.8 million cameras a year in the United States - more than half of the 15 million cameras, snapshot and traditional, sold that year. In 1985, he won a patent infringement lawsuit important, forcing Kodak left the instant camera business alone. The success was short-lived. Late 80's brought the advent of digital cameras. In 2000, began to appear on mobile phones with digital camera, camera bag placed in the millions. Polaroid filed for bankruptcy for the first time in 2001 and stopped making instant film in 2008. Kodak announced bankruptcy on January 19.

Atari 2600 (1977-c.1984) This is not the first game console, but the Atari 2600 video game brought home and popular culture. During his lifetime, more than 30 million units sold. Pong, Combat, Pitfall and Frogger child absorbed in the afternoon. Then came the PC, where you can play games and much more. Atari left the game, on the assumption that customers play anything released. They do not. Millions of games and consoles sold is buried in the landfill in New Mexico in 1983. Warner Communications, which bought Atari in 1976 for $ 28 million in 1984 sold for cash.

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