Obama, party allies raise $68 million for re-election

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - re-election campaign of President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies have raised more than $ 68 million in the last three months of 2011, dwarfing the White House His Republican rival during the race close.

In a video message sent to supporters Thursday, 2012 Obama campaign, Jim Messina announced the draw, which combines with Obama's fundraising campaign and the Democratic National Committee more than $ 200 million for 2011.

In most of the money said to have come in a small number of thousands of U.S. dollars, fundraising offers Obama, a Democrat, a re-election campaign against Republican mattress and a good debate to see who their candidate in November elections.

Even the money given to Obama DNC effectively in play, your own campaign - the face of a lower contribution limits - $ 42 million received during the last three months of 2011.

However, now exceeding the required number of Republican campaigns, you will not receive financial support from the Republican National Committee.

Primary candidate Mitt Romney campaign, said Wednesday it has raised $ 24 million in the fourth quarter. Ron Paul raised $ 13 million and Newt Gingrich, raised $ 9 million.

Team Obama has surged to nearly $ 750 million raised for him when he was elected president in 2008.

Most of Obama's victory in 2008 was credited to his base support illustrated through small donations, which follows the flow of Messina, he said. As in the previous quarterly report, 98 percent of donations to the Obama campaign consists of $ 250 or less, he said.

In the video, Messina refused to support the campaign hopes to raise $ 1 billion. That false hope, he said, giving the wrong impression of Obama donors do not need financial support.

"Obama supporters are many who think that they do not need the money, or you do not need to give at this time," he said in the video.

"We won in 2008, because all the children and volunteers see their role in this campaign as really important for us to win. But now we are in danger of letting the belief that to escape through my fingers at this time. "

A major donor campaign highlights the financial challenges facing Obama's "Super PAC" technical group can contact the campaign, but can accept unlimited donations to support the candidate.

"This race is going to be expensive. The truth is that there is a finite cube (R) PAC money, "he said.

"The Obama campaign will need the money from him for the rest. And once they (the Republicans) to the candidate, when you begin to have a face. "

Some 1.3 million Americans gave Obama's campaign last year, including 000 donor 583 in the fourth quarter alone. Of these, nearly one-third of first time donors, Messina said.

This campaign would defeat the purpose of increasing $ 60 million in the fourth quarter, although the number performed on less than $ 70 million raised in the third quarter. At the end of September, the campaign and the DNC has raised nearly $ 155 million.

Supporting email Messina asked to chip in $ 25 today, Obama often exciting fundraising will begin with a request for a donation is much lower than $ 3.

This campaign until May 31 to release the full report their fourth quarter.

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