Pacers talk with Celtics about Rondo deal

No clear if the Pacers began to come to extend the discussion, but expected.

Celtics Rondo is measured in value of trade for over a year and has held talks with the team over the past malls and NBA draft. How long it will be divided in the Boston office, coaches and costumes from Rondo. She can moody, difficult, stubborn, and several league sources doubt whether the young Pacers coach, Frank Vogel, the height to handle Rondo.

As the Boston Celtics, Danny Ainge, general manager of aggressively pursuing potential agreements Rajon Rondo (notes), Indiana Pacers have emerged as attractive candidates for the owners, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

In the past few days, officials of the Pacers - and substitutes for others - have been making calls and gathering of information and knowledge and Rondo's reputation as a leader of the team, the source said.

Pacers and Celtics have discussed the framework of the preliminary agreement, but said the two sources of Indiana will need a third team to provide Boston with talent who want to make a deal. Celtics might try to put the pieces needed to make the main purpose of offering Ainge: New Orleans point guard Chris Paul (notes), sources said.

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Boston likely will try to bring players to make the offer more attractive to Paul, the sources said. New Orleans does not show interest in a deal that will include a combination of Rondo and Celtics teammates. However, New Orleans GM Dell Demps is determined to get the most value for Paul, if it is clear that the point guard saw his future elsewhere. Demps had no desire to stop the run just as Paul was a free agent in New York.

Most of the teams in the league are taking part in New Orleans about Paul, the intention to reach the New York Knicks as a free agent in the summer of 2012. Paul has a bit of history in Oklahoma City, having played there in the Hornets after Hurricane Katrina, but Thunder has refused dialogue with Paul-de-Russell (notes) Westbrook agreement, according to sources.

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