Agents Uncover 'Most Sophisticated' Drug Tunnel in Years

Agen in California have found the "most sophisticated" drug tunnel in the year, the latest discovery in what one official called it "a huge phenomenon" in the war against drugs.

A U.S. spokesman Immigration and Customs Enforcement declined to provide details of the tunnel to run from Tijuana to San Diego, but said: "When we speak of a sophisticated tunnel, we are talking about a tunnel Several types of reinforcement and hard work she put in it to help them smuggle drugs in a more easy.

"In the past we have found a tunnel with a train and lighting and ventilation and all kinds of situations and is one of the largest we have discovered possibly ever, but not least the last five years," ICE spokesman said Lauren Mack.

The tunnel was discovered by the Task Force San Diego tunnel, in collaboration with the Mexican authorities, Mack said. The working group, whose sole job is to discover the drug-smuggling tunnels, consisting Protection agents from ICE, Customs and Border Control and Drug Administration.

More than 70 tunnels have been discovered by the federal government since October 2008, according to a report by The Associated Press, which first reported the new finding.

Earlier this month, U.S. authorities arrested 14 tons of marijuana in a reservoir connected by a tunnel of drugs from Mexico to southern San Diego. The tunnels are built with structural support and have electricity and ventilation. Only a few days ago a couple of similar tunnels discovered in Nogales Arizona border.

Mack said the tunnel has been "growing phenomenon in the last decade or more" for the cartel in Mexico trying to get their products into the hands of U.S. customers.

Marijuana is also found in the new tunnel and Mack said federal agents until the weight on Monday night. Amount, together with other details about the tunnel, is expected to be revealed at a press conference in San Diego at 17:00 ET.

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