Miley Cyrus Gets New Tattoo In Support Of Gay Marriage

LOS ANGELES, California–Miley Cyrus has taken in writing of his finger after the equal sign rather than a permanent position in favour of gay marriage.

"All love is equal," Tweeted Miley Friday, along with a picture of her new tattoo.

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18-year-old former Disney cute bold statement, the fan quickly replies by (not all favourable), prompting a flurry of reaction to Miley.

"Where it says in the Bible to judge others?"She tweeted in one of his followers. "Oh right. It doesn 't. God is the only judge of honey. ' God is love. ""

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This is not the first time of "party in United States" singer with his support for homosexuality.

After Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murder, Tweeted Miley, "you know that the world is distorted when people get away with killing children, but could not obtain legal gay marriage in California."

New tattoo joins several other body art Miley, including heart on his finger, still in his wrist, dreamcatcher in nohra and "breathe" on the left chest (in honor of a friend who died from cystic fibrosis).

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