Would You EVER Let Your Guy Pick Out Your Clothes? I Did, for a Week!

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As you might know, over at Beauty Riot we're no strangers to dares. We've been dared to wear a different hairstyle every day for a month (uh, twice actually, so thank gosh I had this helpful guide to help me with hairstyle ideas), 30 days of different makeup looks; we even gave up shampoo for a week. But this latest dare takes the cake.

After reading a Shine post that featured husbands picking out an outfit for their wives, we got to thinking. Sure, a guy could probably pick out a decent outfit from a pre-screened selection of clothes once, but could he do it with a regular girl's closet (that hasn't been cleaned out in years, eep!) for a week? And so, our next dare was born.

The victim: me (and depending on your viewpoint, my boyfriend). The challenge: Let my boyfriend choose my head-to-toe outfit every day for a week. The results: ummmm ... you'll have to see for yourself.

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