TV interviewer asks Kim Clijsters if she's pregnant

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It's a tried and true rule of polite society: Never ask a woman if she's pregnant. Tennis Hall of Famer Todd Woodbridge learned that lesson the hard way on Thursday during an interview with tennis star Kim Clijsters.

Now a TV broadcaster, Woodbridge was conducting a live interview with the defending U.S. Open champion after she had earned a convincing second-round win at the Australian Open. In the middle of the talk, Clijsters brought up a text message Woodbridge had sent a fellow player last week.

"I saw a text you sent [Australian tennis player] Rennae Stubbs," she told him during the live interview broadcast on Aussie television and to the crowd at Rod Laver Arena. "You said you thought I was pregnant!"

"Well, are you?" Woodbridge asked while laughing nervously and reddening in the cheeks.

"No, I'm not pregnant!" Clijsters responded, before adding that Woodbridge also had texted that she seemed "really grumpy" and exhibited some of the telltale signs of pregnancy.

Laughing along with the roaring crowd, Clijsters put her arm around an embarrassed Woodbridge, who joked that his television career was now over. He thankfully stopped there, before spouting off any more theories about how Clijsters is probably ordering weird foods from concession stands and crying during random TV commercials that aren't sad at all.

It was such a train wreck for Woodbridge that you almost feel sorry for him. (Almost being the operative word.) Which was his dumbest move: Texting the question to Stubbs, asking Clijsters to her face when confronted with said text or thinking that a top-flight athlete who had just finished working over her second straight opponent was with child?

Woodbridge is lucky Clijsters is so nice. I can't imagine many players (or many women in general) laughing off a situation like that in front of 15,000 people and a nationwide audience watching live on television.

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