Principal says new schools head Cathie Black isn't spending enough time in city schools

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Incoming chancellor Cathie Black may not be getting an in-depth look at education from her quick visits to city schools, officials at her latest stop said.

During 45 minutes at Medgar Evers College Preparatory School in Crown Heights, principal Michael Wiltshire said he didn't have time to tell Black how important it is for the city to shift its focus away from test prep.

"They're not talking about the total education of the child. They're talking about test prep. We're not into that," he added. "She needs to hear this more. I think the focus is wrong."

Black visited three classes after chatting with students, parents and staff. It was her 12th school visit.

Asked about the speedy stop, Black promised more in-depth visits in the future when schools least expect it.

"I will come popping into schools without anybody knowing that I'm coming, because that will really give me the chance to sit with a teacher or a principal, listen in on classrooms, you know, not in an atmosphere exactly like this," she said.

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