Helena Bonham Carter's Bizarre Red Carpet Style

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A weird, witchy lady crashed the Golden Globes red carpet Sunday, wearing mismatched shoes and a wild mess of curls atop her head.

Leave it to Helena Bonham Carter to make a sartorial statement.

The eccentric British actress -- known for her whimsical, theatrical wardrobe -- outdid herself at this year's Globes, sporting a kooky Vivienne Westwood dress, one red shoe, and one green shoe. As you can see, the frock is a headache-inducing explosion of black lace and clashing prints.

Bonham Carter -- who's up for a Best Supporting Actress Globe for her role in "The King's Speech" -- wore a black lace headpiece and black sunglasses to top off the look; she eventually removed the shades during her trip down the carpet, perhaps sensing there were too many accessories going on (even for her).

But we have to hand it to HBC. In a sea of beige and black, she definitely stood out for taking a risk -- and holding true to her own wacky style.

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