Long Island search continues as cops confirm missing N.J. hooker Shannon Gilbert not among 4 bodies

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Long Island cops confirmed Thursday that a missing New Jersey hooker is not one of the four bodies dumped off a beachfront highway.

Police were hunting for clues to the whereabouts of Shannon Gilbert when they came upon the corpses Saturday and Monday - sparking fears of a serial killer on the loose.

Gilbert, 24, was last seen in May running from the Oak Beach home of Joseph Brewer after a rendezvous arranged through Craigslist.

Although cops said early on that it did not appear she was one of the bodies found in the dunes, the discovery of the ramped up the investigation into her disappearance.

Police raided Brewer's house and impounded his white Jeep Cherokee - even as Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer stressed he was not a suspect.

"There are no suspects at this time," he said.

Brewer, the separated father of an 8-year-old, spoke briefly to reporters through the door of his mother's home in West Islip, L.I.

"The truth will come out," he said.

Cops still don't know what happened to Gilbert - and the four dead women found off Ocean Parkway remained as much of a mystery.

Police have said they believe the corpses were left there by a single killer or group of killers.

Yet Dormer also urged the public not to panic.

"I don't want anyone to think that we have a Jack the Ripper running around Suffolk County with blood dripping from a knife," he told reporters.

Police are continuing to scour the beach.

More than a dozen cadaver dogs and scores of cops descended on the coastal island off Long Island's south shore Thursday morning.

"We are going to be expanding the search throughout that community over the next few days," Dormer said, noting the brush-covered dunes are difficult to search.

"It is possible to miss something," Dormer said.

A Suffolk cop taking part in the search told the Daily News that officials are worried there could be more bodies.

"We wouldn't be out here if we didn't think there was a chance something would turn up," the cop said.

None of the four bodies has been identified.

The first one - just skeletal remains - was transferred to the office of the New York City Medical Examiner, where forensic investigators are helping Suffolk authorities with the identification process.

The other bodies are expected to be moved into Manhattan soon, according to a spokeswoman for the medical examiner.

Suffolk investigators - now joined by FBI agents - are also exploring a theory that the Long Island victims could have been slain by the same killer who dumped the bodies of four prostitutes behind an Atlantic City motel four years ago.

Like on Long Island, the bodies found in Atlantic City were in varying stages of decomposition.

The women met brutal ends, and their bodies were arranged so their heads were facing the nearby boardwalk.

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