Ancient Medicines to Cure Impotence

Virgin Lovers - The disease usually hits men impotent. Patients will be difficult to satisfy his partner during sex relationships. Patients will feel embarrassed and inferior. To overcome this problem try drinking herbal potions like this:
Materials - materials:

1. One ounce of ginger
2. One point range chicken eggs
3. One grain of lime / lemon
4. One tablespoon soy sauce that tastes sweet
5. One tablespoon of honey (no mix)
6. Seven grains of pepper
7. Three buds galangal / laos

How to make:

Ginger grated, squeezed and taken the water. Beaten eggs until smooth, then squeezed lime juice and ground water is taken, pepper mashed and then mixed with soy sauce and honey (all materials). then shaken
How to wear:

Whisk herbal drink at bedtime or when it will have intercourse, then the result will be a very AMAZING!!. Waste or pulp juice potions do discarded but you try brewing with tepid water and apply on the penis and / your cock after intercourse, it would not be some a longer your penis will harden again. So that the second copulation the umpteenth time and will always tastes delicious RUARRR ORDINARY!

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