Tips to Update Status Facebook Via SMS

Update Status via SMS. With this feature we can status to update Facebook direct of hand phone via SMS, by very similar to send ordinary SMS
By activating this feature is You earn to send SMS to Facebook to renew status, friend SMS. You also can chosen sent by SMS contain message, pokes, and message of wall of friends so that thing happened
But to this You’d hit by the expense of delivery of SMS for the update of status. Level of depended the each operator. Operator 3 as first operator in ASEAN opening this service only imposing Rp 5000 / months as satisfied as. Tariff of AXIS Rp.1500 / or week of Rp.5500 / month as satisfied as. Telkomsel apply tariff of SMS normal. [For a] while to accept SMS, altogether free of charge

Activation Update via SMS
Of course You must have become member of Facebook before conducting activation of feature this. Activation conducted with Login to Facebook, the following
1. Instruct cursor to right menu under and Cellular click ( Indonesian) or Mobile. Await emerge appearance of Facebook Mobile
2. In part of, click Sign Up Mobile Texts for
3. Choose Indonesia state, choose operator wearied ( 3, AXIS, or Telkomsel )
4. Continuing by button Next. Hence will emerge message to deliver registration sms to Facebook. Delivering SMS to 32665 with content of f
5. Await a few moments until You accept SMS reciprocation of Faceboook, containing of code for actives. Depress knob of Next and await emerge next appearance. Fill in delivered to code pass SMS to Your hand phone. Checklist at Add profile my to number phone, or on the contrary eliminate sign of checklist number do not be enhanced to Your facebook profile
6. Last, knob click of Confirm. Faceboook will send SMS confirmation to Your hand phone. So, nowadays Update Status via SMS can be used

Arrangement Of SMS Facebook
otherwise arranged, SMS of Facebook will inundate Your hand phone. In consequence make arrangement in front to be only chosen message which sent to Your hand phone 7. From step of ke-6, You’d to menu arrangement of SMS Facebook. In here delivery of message of SMS to Your hand phone is arranged. Start from Texts Acre: On / off to animate / to killing consignment of SMS to Your hand phone. Choose message any kind of to be delivered to Your hand phone, in part of Which Texts phone my to go should. Its choice start from Messages, Wall Posts, Comments On status my, Requests Friend, Photo of Tags, Comments, Pokes. Choose also do SMS will be delivered by everybody ( Everyone) or only friend which enlist ( My friends Only 8. You also can arrange status who have to be delivered to Your hand phone [in] part of Whose status of updates phone my to go should? Last of You also can arrange just hour how much is of SMS delivered. Also the amount of sent SMS every day, start from 5 - 100 until without definition. Kill sign of checklist in part of Do note of text general I while me of in logged so that MSS do not be sent by Your sear is in Facebook. Last, click of Save Preferences for saving all mentioned arrangement

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