Maria Ozawa Will Come to Indonesia

Beautiful artist from Japan, Maria Ozawa often everyone call Miyabi, will play film in Indonesia. Differ from habit of him in famous Japan because blue film of him, in Indonesia Miyabi will play at for the film of " nonbiru" entitling To kidnap Miyabi.
This Film narrate a Japan cutie which go abroad to Indonesia as a mean to have business. She finally found shop of Miyabi Lingerie.
Story continue the three student which again confuse to look for parcel recreate woman year which their love. Three young of collage also obsession with beauty of Miyabi. Third of him even also kidnap Miyabi.
Miyabi will come to Jakarta of[is 14 October come and start shooting of is 15 till 22 October. Officer Of Liaison of Maxima Pictures, Erlina S, agreing as for arrival news of Miyabi that.
During Miyabi reside in here wait, do not any people can near, more than anything else shake hand with him. According to Erlina, Miyabi will get exclusive rights a artist. She will get custody of extra.
Miyabi born at 8 January 1986. She bleed Japan mixture, French, and Canada. Its exotic Face making famous him quickly.
She start its career as model for the site of shirouto-teien, yielding setting many photography and 2 video of gonzo hardcore. Sl routinely release one video of Miyabi per month.
Miyabi also come up in many video at event of AV Open 2006, namely a competition of blue film of Japan with aim to know which studio is which can produce video with highest sale.


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