PokerStars Rakeback and Bonus Code

There are so many numbers of poker rooms available in the Internet. This is a chance for the players to find the best poker room to play at. The first consideration in choosing the poker room is the bonuses offered to the members. Most poker rooms provide bonuses, gifts, and merchandise for the active players. Furthermore, some poker rooms also offer partial cash refund of the fees paid to play poker in the room. It is called rakeback.

One of the poker rooms that offer big bonuses and rakeback to the players is PokerStars. To get the Pokerstars rakeback, the players should earn VIP Players Points by playing in the qualified raked pots. They will get one point for playing a hand when the rake gets 40 cents. Meanwhile, to get the, PokerStars bonus, you should enter a PokerStars bonus code.

You can go to to get the PokerStars bonus. You simply need to enter the PokerStars bonus code STARS600 when making the first deposit. The bonus code enables you to get bonus up to $600. Players who want to get the big bonuses from poker rooms only need to sign up for the PokerStars from FlopTurnRiver. Follow the instructions to use the PokerStars bonus code.


  1. When I first started my online poker career I didnt have any rakeback and it cost me $100s per month. Any player serious about making money in online poker needs rakeback.

  2. Thanks, gonna get me some rakeback. Nice article.