My Favorite Actress

Our theme of this time is about my favorite actress, I think my favorite actress is very many but my best favorite actress is Rainie Yang.
I think you already know the beautiful actress with this one? Beside she is playing in many movies, Rainie Yang is also one of singer are very popular in Taiwan.
Women born in Taiwan, 4 June 1984 has the full name of Rainie Yang Cheng Lin (Yang Cheng Ling, Yeung Lam shing) beside she has a profession as actress and singer, Rainie also has a profession as a presenter. Rainie also can talk in many language such as Taiwanis, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese. Rainie have high and 162 cm blood type AB, her hobby is reading and sleeping. Rainie like to keep dog.
I like Rainie when watching the film Devil Beside you, since that I like him and the her songs are good too. The other film is Why-Why I love and I think it is as good as movies of Devil Beside You. In the films that he play he always look beautiful. I think bob award reasonable for him.
Beside success in the world film, now she is trying entry into international performers start with learning the various dances. Although he is very successful in the Entertainment world, but life is not in fact as we see, he bears all the burden of debt from his parents. He worked hard for many years to pay off debt and still trying to make both parents. Although he was a woman, but she was very rigid abstinence and surrender in the face obstacles of life. This made me make him as one of my idol. Please nominate him in the best of the best award.

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