Nokia E71 is The Best Phone

I want to share with you about Nokia Product. i think Nokia is the best. The quality of the product is very good. I like this one, Nokia E71 is a smartphone from the Eseries range, a Series 60 3rd Edition, second generation Feature Pack 1, device with a QWERTY keyboard targeting business users worldwide. The Nokia E71 succeeded the Nokia E61/61i models, building on the base design and form factor but enhancing on the feature set. The silver/white variant of the E71 also makes an appearance in the "Superwoman" music video by Alicia Keys.

The E71 received positive critical reception, including an 8.9 out of 10 rating on CNET.co.uk. . It was also voted Best Smartphone at the 2008 Mobile Choice Consumer Awards.

The current E71 being sold in mainland China does not have WiFi 802.11b/g WLAN networking, 3G, or a front mounted camera. There is no reduction in price for phones lacking these features, and you can not get these features back with a firmware update, because the hardware is not there. The E71 phones sold in Macao and Hong Kong are not lacking these features. The software bundled with the Chinese version is slightly different, as it also has a QQ client, along with some other Chinese specific programs.


  1. Beneran kok Hp ini bagus, kemarin ngantar sepupu beli E71. Niatnya mo beli E63, begitu lihat E71 eheeh jadi belinya E71...

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