Four Types Of Strange Human

Weird, there are 4 types of people you have been born, or more precisely, to have God created this world. This is a strange fact, only the facts only. I believe? Let's study ..
1. Man without a father and mother
2. Human capital without any
3. Man without a father are
4. man with my father and mother
Adam the first is the U.S., he was born without a process of mixing between men and women, without any means without a mother and father, because he was directly created by Allah SWT.

the second is Eve, he was born or created from a man only, that is, adam, more precisely from the body of Adam, adam yes of course, men.
the third is .. ah, you guess correctly .. he is the Prophet ISA as.. He was born from the womb of a pure girl, named Mary. Baby born without this remarkable process of a normal marriage without the alias of a man I associate her mother, Mary.
the fourth, so all of us as normal people, the act of our fathers and mothers.
I have the fifth or sixth, for example, from a human father and the mother of 4, is impossible, what four men from four mothers and one father .. mmm it could be my children time yah .. HAA ha ..
For example, and a man from a mother and father of four, do I clear my investment will have on the child's DNA was. ah era that marks damaged

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